Treatments offered

What we offer at Serena House

Serena House offers on-site diagnostic pathology and imaging to ensure health issues caused by addictions are picked up.


one to one therapy
One to one therapy

At Serena House you will have one to one counselling and therapy with top addiction doctors and experts.


Group therapy
Group therapy

Group therapy with others going through similar issues can be immensely helpful. You can choose whether to take part.


EMDR trauma therapy
EMDR Trauma Therapy

A psychological technique which has proven results at alleviating trauma.


relational therapy
Relational therapy

We can facilitate therapy with you and your loved ones to help with recovery.



Our expert and compassionate counsellors can guide you back to health.


Mindfulness training
Mindfulness training

Our therapists teach mindful techniques which will help you cope on the road to recovery.


drama therapy

Our skilled therapists can help facilitate new insights and healing using drama as a tool.



Our therapists are trained in hypnotherapy and NLP techniques to aid those in recovery.


Nutrition therapy
Nutrition therapy

Our Clinical Nutritionist offers counselling and advice in conjunction with our in-house chef.


Art therapy
Art therapy

Art is a powerful tool when it comes to healing and recovery. 


Twelve steps programme
Twelve steps programme

Many in recovery find 12 steps programs such as AA immensely helpful.


Psychosexual Therapy
Psychosexual therapy

Dr Dmitri Popleyuk is one of the UK's leading experts in sex addiction and other sexual problems.


Family therapy
Systemic family therapy

Addiction may have its roots in family issues. At Serena House family counselling is available.


Help with cross addictions
Help with cross addictions

We can help with cross addictions and understand the complex issues that can come with them.