Our facilities

Serena House chess
A London detox clinic

Serena House aims to be a sanctuary in the city for those who require expert help with addictions.


Serena bedroom
A high standard of comfort

You can be assured that you will have all of the comforts of a hotel, with your own private room and ensuite bathroom.


Serena eating area
Spending time with others

At Serena House there is communal space to spend time with others who are undergoing treatments.


Start the day the right way

Our 'Detox Dining' programme will ensure you become revitalised - starting with breakfast!


Nutritional balance

Our chefs work with Miss Stephanie Moore, Clinical Nutritionist and one of Vogue's faces of wellness.


A healthy approach

Those who suffer from eating disorders can begin to learn to appreciate and savour delicious, healthy meals once again.


one to one therapy
One to one counselling

Clients who come to Serena House will benefit from having one to one sessions with leading psychiatrists and counsellors in the field of addiction.


Group therapy
Group therapy

Learning about one's self from interactions with others in group therapy is a valuable part of detox and rehabilitation.


meditation at Serena
Stress-reducing techniques

Our therapists are expert in a variety of stress-reducing techniques. These include EMDR trauma therapy and mindfulness.


walk in the park
Mindful walks

Combine walking and mindfulness - both powerful tools for recovery from addiction.


Pool and spa

Spend time at a pool and spa -  by arrangement with a nearby 5 star hotel.


regents park
Beautiful surrounding parks

Our clinic is within easy reach of London's most picturesque parks.