Does your partner need help?

A relationship with someone with an addiction problem is a lonely place to be. When someone is addicted to drugs or alcohol or who suffers from behaviour addictions, intimacy and relationships is often a casualty.

Getting help for a partner who is in the grips of addiction should be a priority. Of course this is not the easiest of tasks – the nature of addiction means that self-deception and self-absorption can overtake the individual.

Detox – be it medical or psychological – is the first step to recovery and regaining love and intimacy in life.

At  Serena House Detox Clinic we take an integrated approach to addiction. We can include partners and loved ones in therapy and deal with issues of co-dependency.

Our doctors and addiction experts are leading consultants in their fields with many years of experience both in the UK and internationally.

At Serena House we offer:

  • A medical consultant-led detox from drugs and alcohol as appropriate
  • Therapy and counselling both individually and as a couple
  • Round the clock nursing and close supervision from doctors
  • A high standard of accommodation and comfort

At Serena House, we understand that detox is not just a physical process but a mental and an emotional journey. We know that those going through it will require the help and support of loved ones too. There are visiting times when you will be able to come and offer support and company.

Our duty of care to your loved one will not stop when they walk out the door. At Serena House we offer post-detox support – a city-safe harbour that can always be relied on.