Does a loved one need help?

Seeing a loved one destroying themselves with drink and drugs is always heartbreaking.

Rest assured, by choosing Serena House Detox Clinic, your family member will be expertly cared for.

Our doctors are leading consultants in their fields with many years of experience both in the UK and internationally.

  • As well as a medical consultant-led detox, Serena House offers therapy and counselling to give those with addiction issues the tools to cope in life.
  • The accommodation and hospitality offered at Serena House is what you would expect in any high-end luxury hotel. Rest-assured, your loved one will have every comfort as they go through the difficult process of detox.
  • Access to the best doctors in London and cutting edge diagnostics which can reveal how their health has been compromised by their lifestyle.  
  • The treatments and therapies we use to heal the mind and body back to optimum wellness are safe and evidence-based.

At Serena House, we understand that detox is not just a physical process but a mental and an emotional journey. We know that those going through it will require the help and support of loved ones too. There are visiting times when you will be able to come and offer support and company.

Our duty of care to your loved one will not stop when they walk out the door. At Serena House we offer post-detox support – a city-safe harbour that can always be relied on.