Meet our team

The team at Serena House

David Durand, Head of Treatment

David Durand, Head of Treatment

David Durand is an addictions specialist. He is also an NLP practitioner and a hypnotherapist.

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Bruce Trathen

Dr. Bruce Trathen, Clinical Lead

Dr Trathen is a Consultant Psychiatrist with over 20 years in the field of addictions and alcoholism.

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Des Hill

Des Hill, Therapist

A therapist of some 20 years experience, Des came to the area of addiction through personal experience. 

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Stephanie Moore

Stephanie Moore, Clinical Nutritionist

Clinical Nutritionist Stephanie Moore has a background in psychotherapy and life coaching.

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Dr Robert Lefever

Dr Robert Lefever, Addictions Specialist

Dr Robert Lefever has been a pioneer in the field of addictions. He treats clients at Serena House.

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Dr Drashnika Patel

Dr Drashnika Patel, GP

Dr Patel is one of the team of GPs who cares for clients at Serena House.

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Adella Campbell

Miss Adela Campbell, Psychodrama Psychotherapist

Adela Cambell is a psychotherapist and an addictions expert who uses psychodrama in her work.

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Mr Paul Barrett

Mr Paul Barrett, Counsellor

Paul Barrett is a counsellor and psychotherapist with many years experience in the field of addiction.

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Dr Popelyuk
Dr Dmitri Popelyuk, Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Popelyuk is a Consultant Psychiatrist. One of his specialisms is the treatment of sex addiction. 

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