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About Us
About Serena House
About Serena House

Serena House is a luxury detox clinic in central London, providing the highest standards of care and comfort.

Our integrated bio-psycho-social programme has been designed and is led by the UK's most renowned addiction specialists. 

Our doctors first identify and diagnose the precipitating factors of your physical condition and your addiction. After your unique needs have been identified, your detox programme is custom-built, and tailored to your individual needs. 

London's most advanced medical detox centre

At Serena House we have world-class medical expertise all under one roof. Unlike most detox units, the clinic offers the benefit of an on-site diagnostic pathology laboratory and a state of the art imaging suite. Those with addictions often sustain a range of potentially serious side-effects because of substance misuse. This may include:

  • A loss in bone density
  • Liver damage
  • Kidney damage
  • Lipid disorders

Biochemical imbalances and addiction

Biochemical imbalances can cause and exacerbate addictive behaviours. At Serena House our biochemists can identify these – along with any organ damage that may have been caused by addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Biochemical imblances may include:

  • Micronutrient deficiencies
  • Thyroid problems
  • Histamine levels
  • Heavy metals
  • Amino acid imbalance
  • Hormonal issues

Once the root causes of any physical problems are known, a treatment plan can be devised, allowing the client to reach optimal health and vitality, ready for rehabilitation both mentally and physically.

Our experts will work to minimise the chances of relapse by identifying the underlying factors, and working with clients to formulate a long-term plan back to sobriety and wellness.

The Serena method

Clients will enjoy nutritionist-led, dietary care. Detox dining will help nourish the body back to good health, addiction specialists provide emotional support during their stay.

The client returns to the world with revitalised health, a new outlook and a set of mental tools designed to help them cope.

Detox at Serena House may be a potentially life-saving intervention for many patients.

Our experts have excellent rates of success at helping those suffering from addictions avoiding relapse and going on to lead healthy and happy lives.

Call 020 3582 4288 to talk to one our therapists now.

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The team at Serena House

David Durand, Head of Treatment
David Durand, Head of Treatment

David Durand is an addictions specialist. He is also an NLP practitioner and  hypnotherapist.

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Bruce Trathen
Dr. Bruce Trathen, Clinical Lead

Dr Trathen is a Consultant Psychiatrist with over 20 years in the field of addictions and alcoholism.

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Des Hill
Des Hill, Therapist

A therapist of some 20 years experience, Des came to the area of addiction through personal experience. 

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Stephanie Moore
Stephanie Moore, Clinical Nutritionist

Clinical Nutritionist Stephanie Moore has a background in psychotherapy and life coaching.

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Dr Robert Lefever
Dr Robert Lefever, Addictions Specialist

Dr Robert Lefever has been a pioneer in the field of addictions. He treats clients at Serena House.

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Dr Drashnika Patel
Dr Drashnika Patel, GP

Dr Patel is one of the team of GPs who cares for clients at Serena House.

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Adella Campbell
Miss Adela Campbell, Psychodrama Psychotherapist

Adela Cambell is a psychotherapist and an addictions expert who uses psychodrama in her work.

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Mr Paul Barrett
Mr Paul Barrett, Counsellor

Paul Barrett is a counsellor and psychotherapist with many years experience in the field of addiction.

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Dr Drashnika Patel
Dr Dmitri Popelyuk, Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Popelyuk is a Consultant Psychiatrist. One of his specialisms is the treatment of sex addiction. 

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