Serena House

Detox Clinic

Serena House is a private detox clinic in the heart of London

We treat all forms of addiction

Alcoholism and withdrawal

Drug addiction and withdrawal

Sex and relationship addiction

Porn addiction

Food addiction

We also treat behavioural addictions

Gaming addiction

Gambling addiction


Money addiction

Cross addictions

Our Experts

At Serena House you will have the opportunity to meet with some of the world’s leading private doctors and consultants. Each one is a pioneer in his or her respective field with many working as heads of department at London’s leading teaching hospitals. They bring a lifetime of experience and professional practice, using the latest breakthroughs to deliver the very best healthcare to their patients. It will be your choice to work with them as part of a completely bespoke treatment program that is as unique as you are.

                  As unique as you are

The specialists have been handpicked by our Head of Treatment for their skill and experience and as a group cover every possible aspect of addiction issues.

Our Services

We provide a holistic bio-psycho-social programme of care

Our doctors will fully assess your physical condition and your addiction. After your unique needs have been identified, your detox programme is custom-built, and tailored to your individual needs.

Diagnostics by our in-house path lab

One on one sessions with top doctors and psychiatrists

Group therapy

EMDR trauma therapy

Relational therapy

Mindfulness training

Psychodrama therapy

Systemic family therapy

Psychosexual therapy

Dietary care and detox dining

Nutrition classes

Twelve step programmes

Help with cross addictions